Frequently Asked Questions

What is HomePage?
HomePage is a “smart” contact list and communication app.
What is the goal of HomePage?

The goal of HomePage isn’t to be everything to everyone, but to connect everyone to everything.

What Problem are you solving in HomePage?

Chances are your contacts are all over the place. Some are on your phone, some are in your work email, others in your personal email, then many others are spread across multiple social media platforms & you’re responsible for keeping track of it all. It’s complete chaos.

Back when my parents were my age if they wanted to contact someone, they’d open the phonebook, look that person up and be rewarded with that person’s name, address and phone number because that’s all there was – landlines and snail mail! While the phonebook has gone the way of the dinosaur, the need for one is greater than ever. Today we have more contacts than ever, but have never been less connected.

How does HomePage fix this?

We’re a smart answer to a dumb problem. With HomePage you enter whatever contact information you’d like to share into your MyCard: A phone number, an email address or two, social media links, website, etc…and the only information you are responsible for keeping current is your own. Change jobs and need to make sure everyone has your new email? No problem. Update it on your MyCard and it instantly updates to all of your Contacts and Connections.

We’re Ghostbusters

Wait, you’re what? Sure, you back up your phone, but what are you really backing up? Outside of the people you interact with constantly, how do you know that the number you entered for someone years ago is still a good number? Often, you’re just hanging onto and backing up old, outdated information for someone. Really all you’re doing by backing up your phone is giving yourself a false sense of security. We call these outdated or incomplete entries “ghosts”. How many ghosts do you have saved in your phone? Is there even a way to tell? How many people have a ghost of you on their phone – an old number or email or social media account they think is still active or good?

So, what makes HomePage different?
  1. We turned the idea of the default contact list upside down. With HomePage the only information you need to be concerned with entering or keeping current is your own – not everyone else’s.
  2. We also added what we call “smart messaging” allowing you to star important messages or check others for follow up. HomePage’s messaging also includes an additional privacy feature where if you delete a message it instantly deletes off the other device(s) as well.
  3. Sharing info via QR codes is here to stay. Don’t believe us? Just stop by any restaurant and ask for a menu. Each HomePage user is given a unique QR code with their contact picture embedded into the center. Want to exchange contact info with someone? Simply have them scan the QR code on your MyCard and a contact request is instantly sent. If they don’t have HomePage it is no problem at all – HomePage will take them to the appropriate app store based upon their device. Once they download HomePage, they will have a contact request from you waiting for them.
  4. Closed Group Social Media. Social Media was supposed to be a tool to unite us, but lately has become more of a force to divide us – mostly due to comments posted by others. With HomePage we’ve given you a space for sharing pictures and videos where those closest to you. Your Connections are able to interact on your post by liking it and only you can see who has liked your post.
But what if I don’t want everyone seeing all my contact info?

Don’t worry, neither do we; that’s why we’ve divided HomePage into Contacts and Connections.

Contacts only see your most basic info – a phone number or email address. Think of this category as how you’d connect with your plumber, your co-worker, your kid’s teacher, etc… someone whom you’d want to be able to contact you, but who doesn’t necessarily need to see all areas of your life.

Connections on the other hand see the same info as Contacts, plus any links, social media handles and anything you post to your Wall. We see Connections as being your close friends, your family, those with whom you want to share more.

At the end of the day HomePage is completely customizable and you have complete control over what info you choose to share with Contacts and what info you choose to share with Connections. You also decide who you accept as a Contact or a Connection; and it’s not permanent. You can always change someone from one to the other and back again as you see fit.

Lastly, to maintain your complete privacy you are able to message without accepting the person as either a Contact or Connection.

Speaking of privacy what info does HomePage collect on you?

This is an easy one to answer. None. We don’t collect any info on you (other than if our app glitches or crashes while you are using it and what the problem was on our end). And because we
don’t collect your info, we don’t sell your info either.

Cool, so how are you going to make money then? Charge us for HomePage?

Nope. HomePage is completely free. You have full access and all features from the moment you download it and we plan on keeping it that way.

Once we do decide to monetize, we plan on rolling out what we call our “Truth in Advertising” campaign. As we said above, we don’t track you or collect your data. Instead we figure we will just take a unique approach and simply ask you what companies or industries you might like to see ads from on occasion. For users this puts you in control of what ads you see; if you’re a company advertising on HomePage you can rest assured you are hitting your target audience with 100% accuracy by allowing your audience to target you.

Who is HomePage for?

HomePage is for Individuals, Business and Public Figures; you get to decide which category you’d like to be in upon sign up and can switch at any time. “Individuals” is for people who want to stay connected but want to have the added privacy of separating individuals into Contacts and Connections. Businesses and Public Figures share all of their information by default. For example, if you’re Bob’s Bait Shop and sign up for HomePage users would be able to see the company’s website, phone, email and social media links. If Bob’s Bait Shop has its Instagram account hacked, they can update their MyCard with the new account info and their followers will instantly be able to reconnect with them. This is especially important for influencers; allowing them to move from one platform to another or update social media handles without losing followers.

Why QR Codes?

Ever see a company paste social media logos on their merchandise or a vehicle wrapped with so many icons it looks like it could be in NASCAR? “Bob’s Bait Shop sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and LinkedIn”. Completely inefficient and ineffective. Anyone interested in learning about your company is going to have to look them up separately on all of these platforms you have listed.

With HomePage’s QR codes users can simply scan and go directly to the business listing and pass straight through to their social media accounts in addition to having all of their other contact info at their fingertips – creating a win-win for both the business and the potential customer. Oh and your HomePage QR code can go on anything you like – signature block in email, marketing material, on shirts, vehicle wraps, doors, windows, etc….the possibilities are endless!

The same applies to individuals. Business cards are a thing of the past. Each year over 10 billion (yes, with a B) are printed and of those 10 billion, 8.8 billion end up in the trash within one week of being handed out. What a waste and incredibly inefficient way of exchanging information. Besides that, you have to literally be within arm’s length of the person to physically hand them the card. With HomePage’s QR code you can add it to your email signature, text it to someone, add it to your blog, your car your whatever and connect from anywhere to anyone.

So, who are we and why did we create HomePage?

Maybe the easiest way to tell you who we are is by telling you who we are not. We are not a Silicon Valley, Venture Capital backed company. We have bootstrapped and self-funded the creation of HomePage ourselves with one goal in mind: To change how the world connects. Lofty goal we know, but one we feel is certainly worth pursuing!

We as humans are social creatures – even us introverts. We want and need a sense of community, of belonging and of connection to others. What HomePage does better than any other product is to keep people connected, something we feel strongly about and believe helps us all lead better, fuller lives.

We are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. We’ve lived in big cities, small towns and many places in between. We’ve been dishwashers, janitors, interns, student athletes, professors, lawyers and business men.

These experiences have enabled us to start companies, help others exceed their wildest dreams and fight for what’s just and fair.

Over the years we’ve learned the value of teamwork, discipline, winning with dignity and finding lessons in defeat.

We’ve been by each other’s side during the good times and the not so good times.

In short, we’re three ordinary guys with an extraordinary vision that see an opportunity to create an app that we truly believe will change the way the world connects.

We’re Aaron, Kris and Jeremy…and this is HomePage. We hope you enjoy using HomePage as much as we enjoyed creating it.