The Smart Contact List

By:  Aaron Scicchitano

“There’s no way to instantly organize your contacts across every app and gadget—you’ll have to invest some time and effort. However, knowing how these contacts platforms work will give you a smoother experience as you clean up your contacts lists.” ~ David Nield, Popular Science 4/18

David Nield’s article, “How to finally organize your contact list” is an informative piece that illustrates the inefficiencies within the current options available to maintain an organized, up-to-date contact list. When he wrote the article in April of 2018, Nield was correct. However, from the frustration of dealing with this issue HomePage was born!

HomePage is an easy to use app that manages your contact lists, ensures the information you have for everyone else in your contact list is always current and includes the many mediums used to contact people in today’s world. Powered by a QR Code that’s unique to each user, exchanging contact information and keeping that information organized and up-to-date has gone from non-existent to easier than ever. Enjoy David’s article and then change the way you manage your contact list forever by downloading HomePage.